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About Shaheer Sheikh :

AwaShaheer Sheikh is an Indian teen actor best known for playing the role of Vir In the disney channel original series Kya Mast Hai Life. He also plays Nana Sahib in the Zee TV show Jhansi Ki RaniHe will also be seen in Disney Channel India’s new show Best of luck nikki.. Recently, he is working on his new show Navya on Star Plus.

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Shaheer Sheikh Facebook Page:

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Shaheer Sheikh As Anant In Navya Star Plus New Show:

Anant is a 19-year old college going boy who, on the surface, looks like any other urban college boy of today with the latest clothes, car, and looks like the kind of guy any girl would want to date. But, deep down he is a traditionalist, a conformist who believes in the old-world values of joint families and arranged marriages. Unlike most of the teenagers of today’s times, he reveres his grandfather and seems to have been brought up to respect his family’s traditions and to live by the rule book. His life before meeting Navya included following the path chalked out by his family and did not think even for a second that he could fall in love.

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