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Ahmedabad AMTS Bus Time Table and Route


Ahmedabad AMTS Bus Time Table:

Route No. Zone No. -2 Maninagar Area
13/1 Nigam Society to Ranip
14 Laldarwaja to Chosargam
14/1 Laldarwaja to Vatva Railway Crossing
14/2 Laldarwaja to Vatva Railway Colony
15/1 Maninagar Terminus to Vinobabhavenagar
15/3 Maninagar Terminus to Vivekanandnagar
16 Nigam Society to Chiloda Muncipal Octroi Post
19 Sarangpur to Vatva Village
Route No. Zone No. -3 Calico Area
28 Meghaninagarv Indiranagar Sec-2
Route No. Zone No. -4 Vasna Area
31 Laldarwaja Terminus to Sarkhej Village
31/1 Sarkhej Roja to Civil Hospital
32 Maninagar Terminus to Vasna
33 Narayannagar to Naroda Terminus
34 Ayojannagar / Sharda Society to Kalapinagar
34/2 Juhapur Road to Meghaninagar
34/3 Laldarwaja to Makarba Village
34/5 Bootbhavani Mata Mandir to Kalapinagar
36 Sarangpur Terminus to Sarkhej Village
36/1 Sarangpur to Sarkhej Roja
37 Vasna to Tejendranagar
37/4 Kalupur to Bootbhavani Mata Temple
38 Juhapura to Meghaninagar
39/3 Vejalpur to Naroda Ind. Township
39/4 Kalupur to Vejalpur Village
40 Vasna to Gujarat High Court Compound
40/3 Vejalpur to Gayatri Vidyalaya
Route No. Zone No. -5 Ambavadi Area
42 Ghodasar Gam to Himmatlal Park
43 Laldarwaja to Judges Bungalow
44/1 Maninagar to Vaishnavdevi Temple
44/3 Laldarwaja to Manipur Village (Sanskardham)
45 Laldarwaja to Jodhpur Village
45/1 Laldarwaja to Mumatpura Village
46 Kalupur to Kalupur (Circular Route)
46/1 Kalupur to Kalupur (Circular Route)
47 Kalupur to Kalupur (Anti Circular Route)
47/1 Kalupur to Kalupur (Anti Circular Route)
48 Kalupur to Himmatlal Park
49 Sarangpur to Manipur Village
49/1 Sarangpur to Jodhpur Village
50 Iskon Mandir to Meghaninagar
Route No. Zone No. – 6 Gujarat University Area
51 Laldarwaja to Rancharda Village
52 Punitnagar to Thaltej Village
52/2 Maninagar to Sattadhar Society
54 Laldarwaja to Gujarat High Court Compound
56 Sitaram Bapachowk (Parshwanath Township) to Judges Bungalow
60 Maninagar Terminus to Judges Bungalow
Route No. Zone No. – 7 Naranpura Area
61 Maninagar to Gujarat Hight Court Compound
63 Maninagar to Gujarat Hight Court Compound
64 Laldarwaja to Chanakyapuri
64/2 Laldarwaja to Sattadhar Society
65 Laldarwaja to Sola (Bhagwat Vidyapith)
65/1 Laldarwaja to Mangalmurti Apartment
65/2 Laldarwaja to Kahtraj Chowkdi (Arvind Polycot)
65/3 Laldarwaja to Santej (Shah Alloys)
66 Kalupur to Rancharda Village
67 Kalupur Terminus to Sattadhar Society
67/1 Kalupur to Sattadhar Society
69 Kalupur to Chanakaypuri
70 Wagheshwari Society to Naroda Bus Terminus
Route No. Zone No. – 8 Vadaj Area
71/1 Laldarwaja to Vadsar Airforce Station
72 Maninagar to New Vadaj
74 Laldarwaja to Ranip
75 Maninagar to Chandkedha Village
76 Kalupur to Gujarat High Court Sankul
77 Sabarmati ‘D’ Cabin to Hatkeshwar Depo
Kalupur to Shrinath Appartments
Route No. Zone No. – 9 Sabarmati Area
82 Laldarwaja to Gayatri Vidyalaya
83 Sabarmati ‘D’ Cabin to Indiranagar Part – 2
84 Maninagar to Sabarmati ‘D’ Cabin
84/1 Laldarwaja to Ramnagar
85 Laldarwaja to Chandkheda
88 Ranip to Nikol Gam
89 Kalupur Terminus to Ramnagar
89/2 Kalupur to Tragad Gam
89/3 Kalupur to Chandkheda Gam
90/6 Vasna to Chandkheda Gam
100 Laldarwaja to Laldarwaja
Route No. Zone No. – 11 Camp Area
101 Laldarwaja to Sardarnagar
102 Laldarwaja to New Airport
105 Laldarwaja to Naroda Ind. Township
Zone No. – 12 Asarva Area
112 Laldarwaja to Kubernagar Bungalows
116 Civil Hospital to Danilimda Gam
117 Suez Farm to Kalapinagar
Route No. Zone No. – 13 Naroda Area
122 Laldarwaja to Amabawadi Police Station
123 Laldarwaja to Krushnanagar
123/1 Laldarwaja to Parshwanath Township
126 Sarangpur to Sardarnagar
127 Sarangpur to Shukan Bungalows
128 Maninagar to Naroda Ind. Township
129 Sarangpur Terminus to Kubernagar Bungalows
130 Naroda Ind. Township to Indiranagar Part-2
Zone No. – 14 Bapunagar Area
131 Dariya Khana Ghummat Quarters to Thakkarbapanagar
133 Laldarwaja to Anand Flat
135 Laldarwaja to Shukan Bungalows
137 Tejendranagar to Chandlodia Village
Route No. Zone No. – 15 Rakhial-Odhav Area
141 Laldarwaja to Rakhiyal
142 Laldarwaja to Vastral Village – Military Camp
143 Laldarwaja to Bhulvadi Village
144 Laldarwaja to Arbudanagar
144/1 Laldarwaja to Sahyog Vidyalaya
145/2 Laldarwaja to Adinathnagar
145/3 Laldarwaja to Jantanagar
146/1 Chinubhainagar to Gayatri Vidyalaya
146/5 Sarangpur Terminus to Sahyog Vidyalaya
146/6 Sarangpur to Arbudanagar
147 Mahadevnagar to Vagheshwari Society
147/1 Mahadevnagar to Vagheshwari Society
148 Sarangpur to Kathvada Village
150 Sarkhej Village to Chinubhai Nagar
Route No. Zone No. – 16 Khokhra – Mahemdabad Area
151 Shree Chimanbhai Patel Institute to Vivekanandnagar
152/2 Laldarwaja to Nandej Barejedi Village
151/3 Krishna Heart Institute to Hatkeshwar Depo.
152 Laldarwaja to Vanch Village
152/1 Laldarwaja to Galravu Village
153 Laldarwaja Terminus to Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukherji Chowk
154 Mahadevnagar to Vaishanavdevi Mandir
157 Jashodanagar Cross Road to Meghaninagar
200 Maninagar to Maninagar (Circular Route)
300 Maninagar to Maninagar (Anti Circular Route)
201 Naroda Terminus to Naroda Terminus (Circular Route)
301 Naroda Terminus to Naroda Terminus (Anti Circular Route)
400 Laldarwaja to Laldarwaja (Circular Route)
500 Laldarwaja to Laldarwaja (Anti Circular Route)

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