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Bhubaneswar Railway Time Table and Train Timing


Bhubaneswar Railway Time Table and Train Schedule and Train Timing :

Train Number Train Name Train Source Station Source Departure Time TrainDestination




1020 Konark Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 03:15PM Mumbai CST/CSTM 03:55AM
2074 Bhubaneswar Jan Shatabdi Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 06:20AM Howrahunction/HWH 12:50PM
2146 Bhubaneswar LTT Superfast Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 11:15PM Lokmanya Tilak Terminus/LTT 07:30AM
2421 Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 11:25AM New Delhi/NDLS 10:35AM
2443 Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 09:05AM New Delhi/NDLS 10:20AM
2819 Orissa Sampark Kranti Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 03:55PM New Delhi/NDLS 08:55PM
2822 Dhauli Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 01:15PM Howrah Junction/HWH 08:15PM
2830 Chennai Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 11:45AM Chennai Central/MAS 08:55AM
2832 Garib Rath Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 08:10PM Hatia/THE 06:53AM
2845 Yesvantpur Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 07:30AM Yesvantpur Junction/YPR 11:10AM
2880 Bhubaneswar LTT Settigunta Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 07:20AM Lokmanya Tilak Terminus/LTT 01:35PM
2892 Baripada Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 05:10PM Baripada/BPO 10:10PM
2893 Sambalpur Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 06:50AM Balangir/BLGR 01:40PM
2898 Puducherry Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 11:45AM Pondicherry/PDY 01:35PM
7015 Visakha Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 08:35AM Secunderabad Junction/SC 07:30AM
8411 InterCity Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 06:45AM Vishakhapatnam/VSKP 02:35PM
8414 Bhubaneswar Paradip InterCity Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 07:10AM Paradip/PRDP 09:45AM
8425 Raipur Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 07:25PM Raipur Junction/R 08:40AM
8447 Hirakhand Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 08:00PM Koraput/KRPU 10:15AM
8463 Prasanti Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 05:45AM Bangalore City Junction/SBC 11:30AM
8463A Prasanthi Express Bhubaneswar/BBS 04:15AM Bangalore City Junction/SBC 10:00AM

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