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Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 30th December 2011 Written Update


The Episode Starts With Khushi Landing In ASR’s arms, Then A Solid Eye-lock With Rabba ……Ve………. In BG When Madhubalaji Interrupts

Advising Them To Use This Chemistry In Their Dance As The Pair Of Two Is Really Cute And Enjoyable , When Khushi cuts In Telling Her She won’t , Arnav Is Furious And Says the Same Gritting his Teeth Saying He Even does Not Want To Dance . And leaves . Khushi continues To Dance With NK [ Aw.....She Danced This time With A Great Comfort And Ease I wondered It Came After She Landed In His Arms Might Be Assuming Him As Arnav Giggles ]. Arnav Turns Once Again And Looks At Khushi-Nk , Khushi Even responses to That Hot Look , NK Smells something . But As Arnav Leaves Khushi-Nk Begins To Dance Once Again . Madhubala Ji Streses Naniji To Participate as Well But She Hesitates Becoz Nanaji Is No More [ RIP Nanaji ] . But Then Naniji Calls Buaji And Invites Her To Dance With Her . Khushi-Nk Are Husy Dancing Together When Nk Swings Her Round And The bell rings, NK Goes And Opens The door And Guess Who It Is Yes Yes You Are Right Its None other Than Buaji [ Her Dream-girl ! Lmao ].Buaji, Nk Had A hilarious Conversation But Then Khushi ends Up Telling Buaji It is The Same Nk About Whom She Told Her On Phone , Buaji Tells NK he Has A nice Name And Leaves . NK is Happy To See That Buaji Likes her [ Lmao Really ? ] . The Scene then Focuses On Shyam-Anjali Conversation . [ Pure Waste Of Time I ain't Gonna Explain It Plz Spare Me I beg ] . The Dance Teacher Then Teaches Naniji-Buaji But They End Up giving Their Own Steps Which Irks Madhubala Ji . Nk On The Other Side keps Entertaining Everyone With His Not So Se)(y Hindi Accents [ They Were So Damn Dumb accents :P ] . Khushi Reminds Nk about His Accents While Arnav On The Stairs Stare Her all This While .Nk Thinks tHat There Is soon Going To Be Fight B/w The Three Aged Ladies And He Moves Forward To Sort It Out But Mistakenly Says Budhiya Instead Of Badhiya And Khushi Reminds Him About It And Arnav On The Stairs Gives A Thudded Smile Gosh That Was Worth Watch I Was So Dead . Khushi Sees Him Smiling , Arnav Too gets hesitant Watching Her Keeping An Eye On Him [ Kab Nahin Hoti Dear ? Shy ] . Both Makes Faces And Cont. to Do their Respective Tasks . Madhubala ji Tells Naniji-Buaji Not To Make Their Own Steps And Rehearse Well The Steps she taught So That They Can Cont. Tomorrow As She Was Supposed To Leave For Another Class. Naniji-Buaji celebrates Happiness Because Now Finally The woman Was Out Of Their sight , Mind And Most Important RM . Everyone Sits On The Dining Table Having Tea Its Snacks Time [ NOTE - ArSHI Sat Ne)(t To Each-Other ]. Buaji Keeps Bashing Madhubalaji Telling She Thinks Madhubala is Like Her RIP Mother-in-law And Everyone Laughs , Nk adds To Th Spice Telling She Always Speaks to Correct The Murdas (Dead ppl LOL ) When Khushi Tells Him Its Mudra ( Postures ). And Both Laughs . Arnav Is Obviously Burned With Jealousy . NK Tells Khushi To Teach Him One Of The Mudra Postures And she Says She Would Show It To Him Demonstration you Read :P And Arnav Stares Her With all His Eyes wide-open And Just staring At Khushi He Is About To drink That Te and Yes It Has Burnt His Lips [ Bloody Tea ] . Khushi stares At Him But Then Both cot. To Part Their Way Facing In Front When Nk Admiring Khushi Says to her that Even dead ppl Will Dance Seeing Her Dance . Khushi smiles . ASR Darling Is Furious . Nk Tells Everyone that He has Heard That At 12:00 Am on 1st Jan If Someone sees The person Walking By Or Comes In Face -off with someone They Will Be Together Forever , Arshi Looks At Each-other [ Arrey Baba Dekh Lo Nahin To Dono Mra Jaoge ] . Buaji And Naniji Strictly Tells Payash Not To Meet Each-other Before Marriage As its Not Considered Nice And The Two agree [ Ab Potrait dekh Ke Raat Kategi Inki ] Khushi tells Payal That She Can See Anyone But Laad Governor On That Day , Payal smiles And Goes Away . Khushi Prays to god That She Does Not Comes in A Face-Off With The Demon , ASr is Standing Right Next To Her [ Haw....ab Tera Kya hoga Kaliyaaa] Says “Excuse Me ! ” And Cuts the Call.

Arnav – as Far As I am Concerned its You Who always Comes in Front Of me !

Khushi – Opens Her Mouth Wide And Is About to speak when He Cuts In .

Arnav – Fro The Day I Have Met You you always Drop In front Of Me At The Wrong Time , I wish That It does Not happen But I Have A Hard feeling That You Will drop tomorrow Also somehow !

Khushi – Me ……No way …..I am also Not Interested In Landing In Front Of you .

Arnav – Lets See !

Khushi – I will Not see Your Face Tomorrow I will Not let My Face Come in front Of Your’s Let Me Also see How will This Fcae-off Happen If She Doesn’t Wants To !

And The Episode Ends .

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