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Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 28th December 2011 Written Update


Episode begins NK tries stopping Khushi..but she says she won’t go with ASR. He says stop it Khushi but she says she’ll go in an auto. She leaves and NK is like why is she behaving like this and goes behind her at RM, Nani and Anj are talking. Anj tells nani that Khushi broke her engagement. Nani is shocked. Anj tells her that Khushi told her to not tell anyone till Payash +asr-La eng. Nani is impressed with her maturity ASR feels restless and keeps looking at the door to see if NKs come. He calls NK who doesnt pick up.. Nk is asking Khushi what happened to her, did ASR tell her something. She stops and tells NK that yes someone did tell her something but shes not going to let it affect her anyone. NK reminds her and payal to come early coz the choreographers coming NK reaches home and ASRs pissed off at him, and asks him where were you why didnt you answer my calls. NK is like his phone was on silent coz he didnt wnat to get disturbed. ASR gets angrier when he refers to Khushi as his ‘tareek’ and tells him next time pick up ur phone nxt day..Anj tries to convince mami to dance but she refuses. Anj, NK etc are looking for songs…when the door bell ring. Khushi and Payal have come ASR stops Khushi and says ke shayaad mujhe, but Khushi interrupts and says shayaad? and leaves Anj tells everyone the stories of that choreographer abt her marriage and tells everyone that shes very strict etc.. The choreographer comes and says theres no big sangeet without her choreography. NK makes a fool of himself Anj introduces Payal and Khushi to her coming up…the choreographer is saying some story..couldnt quite catch it..but ends with pointing one hand towards Arnav and another towards Khushi i.e they have to dance together the choreographer looks at Payals face as if checking her out and says she’ll do. Akash comes next to her and the C is like don’t blush so something for the suhaag raat! she checks out Khushi and NK pipes in and says shes a wonderful dancer teacher ji, and messes up again…C calls him a cartoon ASR comes there and says that hes not going to dance.. the teacher says some story…and ends with ek hissa dulhan ki behen or doosra hissa dulhe ka bhai. ASR and khushi look at each other coming up- ArHi still looking at each other. The C says yes thats the look she wants…ASR is like no, i’m not going to dance with her…and Khushi looks all offended Precap: NK making mistakes, she shouts at him, ASR watching, dancing close, she sees him and is super sweet to him. And then smirks at him

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