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Bihar Railway Time Table and Train Timing


Bihar Railway Time Table and Train Schedule Train Timing :

Train Number Train Name Train Source Station Source Departure Time Train Destination Station Destination Arrival Time
02487 Seemanchal Express Jogbani/JBN 08:50PM Old Delhi/DLI 09:25PM
03022 Mithila Express Raxaul Junction/RXL 10:05AM Howrah Junction/HWH 05:00AM
0381 Bihar Ajmer Special Rajendra Nagar Bihar/RJPB 05:55PM Ajmer Junction/AII 03:35PM
052EC Dehri On Sone Gaya Passenger MEMU Dehri On Sone/DOS 06:55PM Gaya Junction/GAYA 09:20PM
12G11 Danapur Giridih Express Danapur/DNR 07:00PM Giridih/GRD 04:30AM
2142 Rajendra Nagar LTT Superfast Express Rajendra Nagar Bihar/RJPB 10:45AM Mumbai CST/CSTM 03:30PM
2309 Patna Rajdhani Express Rajendra Nagar Bihar/RJPB 07:00PM New Delhi/NDLS 07:35AM
2352 Howrah Express Danapur/DNR 08:40PM Howrah Junction/HWH 06:45AM
2353 Patna Garib Rath Express Rajendra Nagar Bihar/RJPB 06:45PM H Nizamuddin/NZM 08:40AM
2355 Archana Express Rajendra Nagar Bihar/RJPB 07:05AM Jammu Tawi/JAT 09:55AM
2391 Shramjeevi Express Rajgir/RGD 08:10AM New Delhi/NDLS 05:15AM
2393 Sampoorna Kranti Express Rajendra Nagar Bihar/RJPB 05:35PM New Delhi/NDLS 08:35AM
2395 Ibadat Express Rajendra Nagar Bihar/RJPB 06:45PM Ajmer Junction/AII 03:45PM
2401 Magadh Express Islampur/IPR 04:10PM New Delhi/NDLS 11:35AM
2487 Seemanchal Express Jogbani/JBN 08:50PM Old Delhi/DLI 09:25PM
2491 Mour Dhwaj Express Sonpur Junction/SEE 08:30AM Jammu Tawi/JAT 11:35AM
3022 Mithila Express Raxaul Junction/RXL 10:00AM Howrah Junction/HWH 04:00AM
3160 Jogbani Kolkata Express Jogbani/JBN 02:35PM Kolkata/CP 03:45AM
3201 Rajendra Nagar Kurla Express Rajendra Nagar Bihar/RJPB 10:40PM Lokmanya Tilak Terminus/LTT 11:30AM
3226 Darbhanga Express Danapur/DNR 06:45AM Jaynagar/JYG 03:00PM
3226A InterCity Link Express Danapur/DNR 06:45AM Saharsa Junction/SHC 01:20PM
3233 Danapur Express Rajgir/RGD 02:50PM Danapur/DNR 06:05PM
3234 Rajgriha Express Danapur/DNR 08:45AM Rajgir/RGD 12:30PM
3235 InterCity Express Sahibganj Junction/SBG 02:25PM Danapur/DNR 11:35PM
3236 InterCity Express Danapur/DNR 05:05AM Sahibganj Junction/SBG 12:35PM
3242 Rajendranagar Express Rajendra Nagar Bihar/RJPB 11:25PM Banka Road Oa/BNKR 06:50AM
3244 Dehri On Sone Patna InterCity Express Dehri On Sone/DOS 06:00AM Patna Junction/PNBE 10:00AM
3246 Capital Express Danapur/DNR 10:15PM New Jalpaiguri/NJP 11:45AM
3248 Capital Express Danapur/DNR 10:15PM Kamakhya/KYQ 09:05PM
3251 Islampur Rajendra Nagar Express Islampur/IPR 10:45AM Rajendra Nagar Bihar/RJPB 12:45PM
3252 Rajendra Nagar Islampur Express Rajendra Nagar Bihar/RJPB 08:00AM Islampur/IPR 10:00AM
3288 South Bihar Express Danapur/DNR 08:00PM Durg/DURG 08:40PM
3289 Archna Express Rajendra Nagar Bihar/RJPB 07:55AM Jammu Tawi/JAT 01:45PM
3402 InterCity Express Danapur/DNR 04:15PM Bhagalpur/BGP 10:40PM
4005 Lichchavi Express Sitamarhi/SMI 11:55PM New Delhi/NDLS 04:40AM
4015 Sadbhavana Express Raxaul Junction/RXL 12:35AM Old Delhi/DLI 04:50AM
450SE Bhaga Adra MEMU Passenger Bhaga Junction/VAA 06:10PM Adra Junction/ADRA 07:25PM
454SE Bhaga Adra MEMU Passenger Bhaga Junction/VAA 03:00PM Adra Junction/ADRA 04:05PM
503 Jhajha Kiul Patna Passenger MEMU Jhajha/JAJ 05:55AM Patna Junction/PNBE 11:30AM
503EC Jhajha Patna Passenger MEMU Jhajha/JAJ 05:35AM Patna Junction/PNBE 11:45AM
505 Katihar Barauni Hatia Express Katihar Junction/KIR 12:15PM Patna Junction/PNBE 07:40PM
507EC Jhajha kiul Patna pass MEMU Jhajha/JAJ 05:00PM Patna Junction/PNBE 11:45PM
5109 Budhpurnima Express Rajgir/RGD 11:00PM Varanasi Junction/BSB 08:40AM
526EC Ara Patna Passenger MEMU Ara/ARA 03:35AM Patna Junction/PNBE 05:10AM
5273 Satyagraha Express Raxaul Junction/RXL 09:10AM Old Delhi/DLI 09:20AM
53 Dehri On Sone Mughal Sarai MEMU Passenger Dehri On Sone/DOS 07:00AM Mughal Sarai Junction/MGS 10:25AM
555EC Jhajha kiul pass MEMU Jhajha/JAJ 08:15PM Kiul Junction/KIUL 09:20PM
561EC Danapur Ara MEMU Danapur/DNR 09:50AM Ara/ARA 11:30AM
5641 Guwahati Express Jhajha/JAJ 10:00PM Guwahati/GHY 10:00PM
566EC Baxur Patna Passenger MEMU Buxar/BXR 06:40PM Patna Junction/PNBE 11:05PM
5707 Amrapali Express Katihar Junction/KIR 11:30PM Amritsar Junction/ASR 11:55AM
5713 InterCity Express Katihar Junction/KIR 06:30AM Patna Junction/PNBE 01:05PM
5715 Garib Nawaz Express KishanGanj/KNE 05:40AM Ajmer Junction/AII 10:05PM
614EC Kiul Jasidih Passenger MEMU Kiul Junction/KIUL 05:50AM Jasidih Junction/JSME 08:25AM
8182A Katihar Tata Link Express Katihar Junction/KIR 03:00PM Tatanagar Junction/TATA 06:20AM
8184 Danapur Tatanagar Express Danapur/DNR 06:15AM Tatanagar Junction/TATA 05:10PM
8623 Hatia Express Rajendra Nagar Bihar/RJPB 09:00PM Hatia/HTE 07:15AM
9052 Shramik Express Sonpur Junction/SEE 08:50PM Valsad/BL 05:30AM
9314 Indore Express Rajendra Nagar Bihar/RJPB 11:10AM Indore Junction Bg/INDB 02:25PM
9322 Indore Express Rajendra Nagar Bihar/RJPB 11:10AM Indore Junction Bg/INDB 02:25PM

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