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Madhya Pradesh Railway Time Table and Train Timing


Madhya Pradesh Railway Time Table and Train Schedule and Train Timing :

Train Number Train Name Train Source Station Source Departure Time Train Destination Station Destination Arrival Time
0949 Mhow Khandwa Special Mhow/MHOW 11:30PM Khandwa/KNW 04:00AM
0970 Mhow Ratlam Special Mhow/MHOW 08:00AM Ratlam Junction/RTM 01:00PM
1271 Vindhyachal Express Itarsi Junction/ET 04:20PM Bhopal Junction/BPL 09:15AM
1517 Satna Manikpur DMU Passenger Satna/STA 06:00AM Manikpur Junction/MKP 08:05AM
1519 Satna Manikpur DMU Passenger Satna/STA 04:45PM Manikpur Junction/MKP 07:10PM
1529 Katni Satna DMU Passenger Katni/KTE 02:10PM Satna/STA 04:10PM
1530 Satna Katni DMU Passenger Satna/STA 11:20AM Katni/KTE 01:40PM
2447A Khajuraho Nizamuddin Express Khajuraho/KURJ 06:15PM H Nizamuddin/NZM 05:25AM
3347A Link Express Singrauli/SGRL 03:10PM Patna Junction/PNBE 05:00AM
4369 Tribeni Express Singrauli/SGRL 06:25PM Bareilly/BE 01:25PM
482WR Mhow Indore Mg DMU Passenger Mhow/MHOW 07:30PM Indore Junction MG/INDM 08:25PM
484WR Mhow Indore Mg DMU Passenger Mhow/MHOW 10:10PM Indore Junction MG/INDM 11:20PM
612WR Mhow Indore Bg DMU Mhow/MHOW 07:10PM Indore Junction Bg/INDB 08:10PM
614WR Mhow Indore Bg DMU Mhow/MHOW 10:00PM Indore Junction Bg/INDB 11:05PM
784WR Nagda Ratlam MEMU Nagda Junction/NAD 07:05AM Ratlam Junction/RTM 08:05AM
785WR Nagda Ujjain MEMU Passenger Nagda Junction/NAD 08:25PM Ujjain Junction/UJN 09:45PM
9019A Nimach Kota Express Nimach/NMH 01:40PM Meerut City/MTC 07:50AM

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