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Saregamapa little champs 2011 Winner | Who Is The Winner Of Zee Tv Show Saregamapa Little Champs 2011 | Winner Of Saregamapa Little Champs 2011


Saregamapa little champs 2011 Winner,Who Is The Winner Of Zee Tv Show Saregamapa Little Champs 2011,Winner Of Saregamapa Little Champs 2011

Shahrukh Khan. The show is in its last leg and soon top three contestants will battle it out to win the coveted title. And in order to make the grand finale a striking affair the channel is keen on bringing in SRK. grand finale will be held at Surat on October 1.Three Contestant is all ways perform and Azmat Hussain in one time Alimented from Show get Wild Card Entry. I think Azamat is Strong in both of Nitin and Salman . Azmat has one Own Fan Following Create With own Cuteness
Click Here The Winner Name Of Zee Tv Show Saregamapa Little Champs 2011 Results and All Update Of Grand Finale
Salman Ali (13) from Haryana, Nitin Kumar (14) from Himachal Pradesh and Azmat Hussain (10) from Rajasthan are competing to be crowned “the world’s biggest little singer”. The kids would rub shoulders with SRK, who will attend the mega event to promote his upcoming Diwali release `RA.One`
Popular TV actor Jai Soni, who is hosting the show, has given the show an altogether new appeal. Playback singer Javed Ali, Sufi songs specialist Kailash Kher and singer-composer Adnan Sami have mentored children from across the country as “Cool Gurus”. Alka Yagnik gave all the contestants her invaluable tips on singing as the Mahaguru.
more chance to Win Saregamapa little champs 2011 is Azmat Hussain but Lets See on 1 October on Surat Grand Final
who are eagerly looking forward to a grand event on Saturday, 1st October, here’s a starry reason for you!

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